Our clients had attained permission for a dormer window as part of an extension but then decided to apply for an amended planning application  to change the window to a door with a Juliet balcony.  However during the course of this second application the council raised privacy/overlooking objections and insisted that a privacy screen would be needed on one side of the dormer.  This is when RCC were approached to work with the applicant and the architect to try and overcome this objection.  

This was however unsuccessful and the council insisted that either our clients accepted a planning condition requiring a privacy screen or the amended application would be refused.  RCC guided and advised the applicant through this process which resulted in an approval with the disputed condition attached and we then immediately started work on lodging a planning appeal against this planning condition.  Extensive work was required as part of the planning appeal as the council submitted lengthy and robust statements to refute our case, however we were delighted when we received the planning appeal decision confirming that the independent Planning Inspector supported our case fully and allowed the appeal.

It is key that you seek proper planning advice if the council refuse your application or attached a planning condition that you disagree with as they could be challenged.  RCC would of course be very happy to advise on such matters.