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RCC were approached regarding the possibility of attaining planning permission for an additional dwelling in the garden of our clients’house. It was an extremely timely approach, as Wiltshire Council was in the process of changing their local planning policy document.

As the photographs show, it was a good sized plot and more than capable of accommodating an extra dwelling. The key issue was that under the current policy, which was soon to be withdrawn, the village was one where the principle of new residential development was acceptable. However, the emerging new planning policy would have ruled out any new dwellings in the village. RCC therefore moved swiftly to prepare and submit an outline planning application for a new dwelling. The option of an outline application, just accompanied by an illustrative site layout (rather than full plans), was chosen to speed up the process and minimise the costs for the clients.

Our planning submission also had to address other more detailed issues, including; highway safety, neighbour amenity and the potential impact on the setting of a listed building. We were successful in addressing all these issues within the necessary timescales and the application was approved under the old planning policies.

Latest residential testimonials:

Mr Askins, Wiltshire

Following work to the perimeter of our Grade II listed property we were informed by Wiltshire Council that we needed planning permission. We applied for retrospective planning permission and engaged RCC to advise us and take the process forward. Thanks to their professionalism, knowledge, expertise and persistence, having been initially objected to, RCC secured permission. We are in no doubt that without RCC we could not have secure a successful outcome.

Mr & Mrs Sealy,Melksham

Having bought the land and used it as an extension of our garden for well over 10 years without any concerns from neighbours or the council, we were quite shocked and upset to be facing a complaint earlier this year. With the welfare of our animals tied up in the success of the applications, the period was very stressful and emotional. Richard and Vicky led us through the process with great care and attention to detail and produced a very high quality set of applications based on sound arguments which was borne out in them being approved at first submission without any concerns raised by the planning officer.

Sal & Deepak, Bristol

Richard and Vicky and team really understood our situation and hand held us quite literally until the day permission was granted. They fully explained everything along the way and located, engaged and managed the many specialists that were needed to cover various issues and reports. So we are extremely thankful to them for making the journey much less stressful than it could have been and especially for always giving us the feeling that we had experts in our corner.  

Thoroughly recommend their services. 

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