Whilst RCC had won a hard fought victory in attaining a Class Q approval for four dwellings at a Wiltshire farm our client really wanted a full planning application.  This would allow them to make some further alterations that went beyond Class Q but it also would mean that they would just need to commence development within 3 years of the permission, and thus phase the development, whereas Class Q requires all the development to be completed with 3 years.

We set out a strong planning argument in favour of the proposals using the case law relating to the 'fall back' position, which is where the fact that there is a similar implementable permission in place is a material consideration for the new application.  Unfortunately the highway and ecology officers didn't fully understand this situation and raised objections to the new application so RCC had to rebut the issues raised and ensure the planning officer dealt with these issue properly.  The result was a full planning approval which now allows our clients to progress the development at a pace that suits them.