RCC Town Planning will help you achieve planning permission for all types of equestrian developments ranging from private stabling and maneges to small livery uses and larger commercial equestrian development.

The keeping of horses has become extremely popular and this raises a number of planning issues including the provision of stabling and maneges.  The planning law concerning this scale of equestrian use is complicated and we can help you resolve those issues.

In addition there are more complex planning issues raised for those involved in the horse related industries such as livery and training establishments, including the provision of equine workers dwellings at those establishments.

RCC Town Planning Consultancy has successfully helped a number of clients with their equestrian developments including; a brand new competition and full livery yard with a dwelling on a greenfield site in Wiltshire, a full livery yard and riding school use at a redundant dairy farm and maneges (including external lighting) in a number of locations, including within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Girl riding horse in equestrian centre

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